Taiwanese band ElephantGym create beautiful music! Listen to this!

When reading poetry or a novel you really connect with there’s a certain feeling felt. Something warm and quiet and peaceful. I love it when music gives me those same emotions, and ElephantGym‘s newest song does just that. Their playing is wonderful, and the harmonies in the vocals are making me melt. Sigh, this is so pretty~~

Somebody commented with the lyrics – here is a Bing translation:
Moonlight shrouded this ocean we ride on the green boat drift with the Mercurial wave, no one will be forgotten in a dream, you donít have to find your way to forget disappearing sea level all the memories and the past until you see the Sun
[?? ?????? ?????????? ?? ?????? ?????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ??????? ??????????]

Just for comparison, here is the Google translation:
Moonlit ocean we take this piece on a boat floating on the green wave with mercury in a dream that no one will be forgotten not rush to find the direction of forgotten memories and lost all historical sea level until you see the sun tomorrow
I think Bingís made a bit more sense, what do you think?

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Ugh, those lyrics~~ <3




(Source: TeLLchildish & fycindie)