BEG release MV teaser to comeback track “Kill Bill”… AND IT’S JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!

The girls actually remade scenes from the series, omg. Kill Bill is one of those staple movies that, if youre into films, youve had to see before. It’s a complete tribute to classic Japanese cinema with a Western twist and its- Ahh, I cant even get into it, this whole post would become one big Kill Bill rant rather than something about BEG. But THIS IS SO COOL. Props to whoever came up with this concept, and props to the spot on execution (at least in the teaser). As far as this comeback goes, I honestly could give two sh*z about the song as long as this concept is on point. Seriously, I need this to be accurate to the film. Welp, there goes this post not being all about Kill Bill 🙂 . Check out the teaser below!


(Source: BEGofficial)