He even teamed up with Dok2

Kim Hyun Joong got super sexy with his girl in the MV to Your Story, a track that reminds me of Lil Wayne’s How To Love. Fangirls who love their Kpop eye candy will eat this video up, as it has plenty of shots of a (might as well be) shirtless Kim Hyun Joong and intimate love scenes. Dok2 adds that unique voice of his to the single with more dope rhymes, but sadly doesnít make an appearance in the video. Schedule conflicts maybe.

I donít talk about it often, but I really like Kim Hyun Joong. Heís a male solo singer thatís a bit different from the rest, which is refreshing in Kpop. I donít have many solo artists that I check for, but Hyun Joong is def one of the few that I get legitimately excited for. What do you guys think of his recent comeback tracks?