STARLIGHT, this is for us!!

MY FAVORITE MALE IDOL GROUP IS BACK, AND SO SOON! Can you feel that?! That’s the collective screams and cheers of every Starlight the world over! G.R.8.U is a song of magic, something to uplift and goof off to with friends! It really is like one big slumber party, so the MV concept is perfect! Ken’s voice is beautiful, a true talent from up above! Leo never looses his effortless cool no matter what he’s doing and N stands strong as the confident leader he is! Hyuk looks like he’s having fun just like Hongbin (who’s, oddly enough, doing more aegyo than our maknae. But they DO say Hyuk’s the least cute haha). And we can’t forget how Ravi always keeps the swag switch on!! The boys barely took a break between comebacks but that just proves their determination as a rookie group and to their fans! We appreciate all your efforts, guys! VIXX FIGHTING!!!

VIXX who took off their devilish mask comes back!!
[Jekyll & hyde] a definitive edition of conceptual pop music! Repackage album [Jekyll] has been released!

This is a music video of VIXX’s the first repackage mini-album title track called ‘G.R.8.U’

This music video which is an extended version of the last ‘hyde’ concept but is totally different is now added more artistic taste to it taking a backwrad making technology with collage style under the concept of looking back the happy life as Jekyll who is now a crazy devil ‘hyde’


(Source: RealVIXX)