WA$$UP release full MV to debut single “Wassup”

The day for this 7 member girl group to officially debut is finally here. After the teaser videos that were floating around I expected WAY more booty shaking, but Wassup is actually kinda… tame compared to the hype. Really there’s more shots of the girls jumping around than there are actual twerking. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of butt vibration going on along with some drop it low’s, just not as much as expected. For a Korean group though it still may be a bit overboard. The girls are fully covered up and everything else is pretty normal, so I hope they don’t receive too much hate if any comes their way. Let’s break things down and be honest for a second:Mafia Records just tried to take something that’s of the trend in America and apply it to their country’s Pop industry. You can’t be TOO mad at that, especially when you take into account how America is considered to be a country on the cutting edge of all things cool. This is one of a few reasons why I hope this group and agency don’t get too beat up by angry netizens.

Another thing worth mentioning is the heavy tan the girls had. There are some people saying how it makes them look ugly, but I disagree. Yes it’s put on heavily to give them a more urban look, but they’re still attractive girls. And let’s all remember that WA$$UP are just like any other female idol group in the sense that they’re chasing their dreams and trying to make something of themselves in a highly competitive industry. They had an opportunity and seized it. I support their drive (cause we all know to be a star in Korea is A LOT of work), their commitment being another reason why I hope netizens aren’t too harsh on them.

Let’s just see where all of this goes. How Korean Kpop fans react, how non Korean Kpop fans react, and how the girl group and their label deal with whatever backlash (if any) comes from this release and concept. What do YOU guys think of WA$$UP’s debut?

P.S. Their debut stage is TOTALLY acceptable! Keeping my eyes out for these girls- I think they have potential!



Debut Stage





(Source: AsianDreamVOD)