That new solo album is only moments away, folks!

It’s G-DRAGON‘s 2nd mini album teaser spot, so get yourself ready! The name of his album is Coup d’etat (I know, veeeeeerrryyy interesting) and in the spot GD rocks a number of military-esque costumes to match it. For those who might not know a coup d’etat is pretty much like a government overthrow, usually done by a lesser group. Picture it like a band of people coming together and overthrowing the ruling power and then taking charge. At this stage the album is like a puzzle- with such an obscure concept and little info we don’t really know what to expect, or even what it’s inspiration was (which I’m dying to find out). I’ve been watching GD for a while now, and the guy’s got depth. Obviously not your average “idol” but even among his labelmates he still stands apart. It’d be interesting to know what goes on in his mind. And of course, happy birthday GD!


(Source: BIGBANG)