Korean Jazz Hip Hop duo RETRO VIRUS release MV to “Drop the Pen”

Drop the Pen follows a man in distress as he tries to cope with his recent breakup. Flashbacks pop up throughout the video to show us the special bond he had with his girlfriend, and how their ending has brought much pain and confusion. A strong visual accompaniment to a soft yet moving single. Look below for links on where to purchase RETRO VIRUS‘ 1st EP, including U.S. iTunes!

Jazz Hiphop duo, “RETRO VIRUS” released their first EP [Drop The Pen] which is more popular and familiar than their past work. The song “Drop The Pen” is a promotion track on it and depicts a man’s complicated mind.

Artist: RETRO VIRUS (레트로바이러스)
Album Title: Drop The Pen (펜을 멈췄어)
Release Date: 2013.8.27

[Listen here]
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