Omgggggg, the vibes!!~

SHOT-ARROW is dope x2, not just for his flow (it’s different and I f*cks with it so much) but also for his production skills! BIG LOVE comes from KOITAMAAIWABETAZ and SHOT-ARROW‘s recently released EP PLAYING. I love simple Hip Hop tracks like this- they feel organic. None of that Electropop sh*z that we hear ALL the time; music like BIG LOVE have been broken down and returned to Earth. Just a simple groove to warm up your soul and keep it toasty for a while~~

Download the EP PLAYING for FREE Here.



Btw check out this video for the title track PLAYING ( a remixed version by SHOT-ARROW). Peep that instrumental though with the traditional instruments in the background! The original version is on the EP above, and you can download the remix for free Here.


(Source: wiggy jay CAM KAMIKAWA)