Korean boy group Super Junior release the full music video to their comeback track Mr. Simple!

I made sure to wait for the full music video release before I listened to Mr. Simple, and I can say with confidence that this may be my number one favorite K-Pop song. Saying this means a lot for me, for SHINee‘s Lucifer held the top spot after all of this time, but after watching and listening to Super Junior‘s Mr. Simple I found myself in a state of complete shock.

Mr. Simple is like six songs in one, having a bunch of different variations to keep things exciting and keep the listener on edge. The vocals and rapping are on point, and the effects adding to their voices make the group members sound even cooler. There’s so many awesome things that make up Mr. Simple that it’s near impossible to describe them all; it’s just something you have to listen to.

I’m happy to say the music video is nothing like the concept photos. Sure there’s a fishnet shirt and rope necktie here and there, but it’s clear that the teaser photos were just that. Teasers. They were made to get people talking, which they did, and get fans even more excited for the Super Junior comeback. In hindsight, it seems kind of silly to think that Super Junior would actually perform and release a music video with those outfits, but with K-Pop you never really know.

Mr. Simple is a song that I can call one of, if not the best of 2011. I like it that much.

(Source: SMTOWN)