Perfume release teaser to NEW ALBUM ‘LEVEL 3’

Yes, yes, YAAASSSS!!! Our girls are back with a new album, and to show us what’s in store they’ve released a super cool teaser! In it we see Perfume performing choreography amid a high-tech, LED-lit house of mirrors (that’s what it looks like at least) with staff controlling the lightning in the background. Hoping we’ll get a quick international iTunes release for this album because Magic of Love took a little bit before it was on US iTunes. I’d love to buy it on release day but to import LEVEL 3 is gonna be hella expensive and a dude just don’t got that kinda bank right now! Get prepared for Perfume’s new album on October 2nd (so close to my bday yay!!!)!

p.s. Digging those electronic bagpipes!! Yasutaka Nakata is a musical genius forreal. I mean I knew this already, I’m just amazed at how his talent NEVER runs dry!

p.p.s These girls really are like robots- they never stop working!

EDIT: The name of the song is called 1mm, and it will be getting a music video! Thank you RandomJpop!


(Source: Perfume)