No surprise, but holy sh*z amirite?!

As Asia’s leading girl group the numbers don’t make any fan in the know bat an eyelash, but every once in a while you gotta sit back and admire how far these girls have gone. It’s incredible, to be honest. GALAXY SUPERNOVA is Girls’ Generation‘s latest Japanese single, and it’s a Dance track with strong bass. The video below is the dance version so get prepared for colorful outfits/stages and, of course, GG dance steps. It’s a very flashy video, and some people in the comments were saying how all the lights were hurting their eyes (be careful, folks). Listen to their new Japanese song GALAXY SUEPRNOVA releasing September 18th below.

p.s. The intro reminds me of Jolin Tsai’s Dr. Jolin, and Sooyoung’s “Yeah” after Jessica’s English was so unnecessary lmao.


(Source: SMTOWN)