Check out their teaser to “Request”!

It’s been the longest  time since I’ve had INFINITE on my iPod. They’re not one of the boy groups I check for, and their past couple of comebacks haven’t really done anything for me. Catchy yes, but nothing I’d bump on the regular. Request, however, made my ears perk up at the high-tech Dance beat they were exposed to. This, matched with an MV that features not only an interesting, multi-story concept but also utilizes dope technology? Yeah, I’m just about sold. Judging from the audio snippet I’m going to like this so much more than Destiny, and I’m excited to see what kind of surprises the MV is going to throw at us. Request is hip, and has an energy that’s totally of the moment- I get filled with this sense of young freedom while watching the teaser. As you can see Request is doing it for me. September 27th is the release date, so PLEASE let this be all I’m expecting it to be!


(Source: woolliment)