Seo In Young

Look at what you’re doing to me! 

My girl Seo In Young has dropped the 2nd teaser to Love Me, and oh my gosh I can’t take this. I love this girl. I love her face, I love her body, I love her voice, I love her music, I love her steelo. I love everything about her. You HAVE to listen to this new teaser! It’s a completely different part of the song than in teaser 1, but it sounds just as good if not better (I’m leaning towards better). Extremely catchy with those choppy vocals, and I hope whoever produced this is getting their props. And look at Seo In Young strut her stuff, lookin all sexy and desirable while maintaining class. I can’t. The way I’m feeling right now makes me want to drop to one knee and propose on the SPOT! LOVE HER!