Spotless Mind

SuperStar K/WGM’s Jung Joon Young releases “Spotless Mind“

The point of SuperStar K is to expose Korea (and international fans) to new talent that has really great potential, and when have they ever let us down? Admittedly I don’t watch the program but every singer that debuts that I hear comes from the show has been amazing. Jung Joon Young‘s voice is robust and firm! Strong and sure! It’s perfect for the genre of his debut song Spotless Mind, a Rock Ballad filled with intense emotion. The music video is just as dramatic as the audio and the whole release creates such a wonderful experience. I clicked this video not knowing who this man was but thinking the thumbnail was interesting, and left utterly (pleasantly) surprised. Great, great job! It’s very rare to catch me downloading a Ballad but I think I might have to cop this one.

Jung Jun young has released his debut title “Spotless Mind”.
“Spotless Mind” is a rock ballad song filled with vintage guitar sounds.

For this song, he will be releasing two diffrent types of music videos.
Each of his music vidoes have been named as ‘North polar’ and ‘South polar’.

Jung Jun Young’s label, CJ E&M, said that this debut song will represent Jung Jun Young’s essence and nature very well.

The other version of his music video will be released tomorrow at 12:00 PM through
CJENMMUSIC Youtube channel.