Namie Amuro

Decked out in GUCCI~

This new Electronic/Dance kick Namie has been on is giving me everything. As fans know, she recently teamed up with GUCCI for their new F/W collection and promoted her new single Ballerina (release date still yet to be announced) through the video campaign. There’s a lot more information that I’ll paste below so you can get the full scoop. Can’t wait for this track to drop- Namie needa stop teasing us!

BTW that lifelike looking Namie that’s just standing like a statue is actually a mannequin created by 3D scanning. I strongly recommend reading the below text cause it has a bunch of dope info about this whole project!

Night shopping event that took place on September 7, 2013 at “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2013”,
As a fashion icon artist on behalf of Japan to be “Namie Amuro”
Luxury brand on behalf of Italy “GUCCI”,
And expand the special project sponsored by the FNO “VOGUE JAPAN”.

The show window of Gucci Aoyama is one of the FNO participating brand,
And huge visual of Namie Amuro, life-size mannequin of Namie Amuro, which is produced by 3D scanning even be installed for some time.
The FNO day, for the first time published a special video called, begins to move “Namie Amuro of hologram” dressed in Gucci Women’s Fall-Winter 2013-14 collection year becomes a video!
In addition, the new song of Namie Amuro “Ballerina” (on sale TBA) has also been appointed to the video “GUCCI × VOGUE JAPAN × NAMIE AMURO” this hologram.

Audience who came to Gucci Aoyama in an effort to catch a glimpse of the special collaboration amounted to about 1000 people, the longest wait about two hours, tickets were distributed all finished with without waiting for the end of the event.

Be expressed itself with hologram image the first time as Namie Amuro, a similar project for the first time as well as Gucci Aoyama.
Global luxury brand and, and (GUCCI) shopping event of the global (FASHION’S NIGHT OUT), that it will not be one has ever seen, gorgeous collaboration Ray application drew attention.


(Source: AmuroNamiech)