Global Icon release full MV to GI-YEUK from 1st mini album!

This is the 2nd song being promoted from their 1st mini album Tremendous, and it’s another G.I banger. It’s the type of heat that only Global Icon can bring, a girl group that has a TRUE Hip Hop edge in the Kpop world. Now, let me start by saying I love this MV. It’s simple and bossy- the girls are rocking two outfit sets on two stages and just killing their choreography. My only gripe is that this is the second video in a row we get from them that’s extremely basic. Where are the cool locations and props? The story and supporting actors? I get that these things cost money but if you’re going to go all the way and make an idol group than Sim Tong need to go all the way and BRING IT! G.I are too good of a group to not have the necessary resources available to them, and you can have a good video with the items listed above without it costing tons of money. I’m not asking for something Girls’ Generation or B.A.P status, but give me something more than the bare minimum. Like I said for what it is the MV really works. Hopefully their next video provides more though.

Forreal this track is doing so much for me. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed that they’re underrated. Like HOW?! I love Korea and Kpop but both need to be more accepting of things outside of the mainstream mold, especially when the subject matter is as awesome as G.I. PLEASE support these girls by downloading their mini album on iTunes!


(Source: Sim Tong)