Such a pleasant song!ย 

I’ve never been as big a fan of any idol group as I am for VIXX! All of these years in Kpop and they’re the 1st group I’m SERIOUS over! I have all of their singles/albums so far and will make it a must to keep it that way. VIXX team up with OKDAL for Y.BIRD From Jellyfish Island, a side project put on by the Jellyfish Entertainment CEO himself to show the different sides of his artists! Ken always shines in my eyes with his goofy personality and N is so precious, but everyone in VIXX is special in their own way.ย Yoon ju Gim (the OKDAL member with the short blonde hair) has the most soothing voice! It puts you in an instantly tranquil mood- I could listen to her all day~~~ VIXX and OKDAL make a great team, and I’m confident when I say this is another successful Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island single!

VIXX came back as the autumn sweet guys!

This is a full version music video of the 3rd jellyfish entertainment’s
project album [Y.BIRD From Jellyfish Island With VIXX&OKDAL]’s title song “Girls, why?”

The group VIXX who has released hit songs such as ON & ON, hyde, G.R.8.U and so on in a row. VIXX, who become a hottest up and coming Idol group and OKDAL, who are the top indie female duo got together and released a collaboration album
[Y.BIRD From Jellyfish Island With VIXX & OKDAL]!

The fresh collaboration of ‘Indie’ and ‘Over’ created new genre and released the title song “Girls, why?” The song “Girls, why?” is about a love between a boy and a girl and the lyric describes the love in a realistic way! OkDAL member Yoon ju Gim wrote the lyric and VIXX member rabi made a rap part! So that the lyric describes well about a boy and a girl, who have two different perspectives but seeing the same direction in unique way.

Enjoy the autumn of 2013 with VIXX and OKDAL’s special present,
the song “Girls, why?”, for you!

Please enjoy this video with your friend and family! ๐Ÿ˜€


(Source: RealVIXX)