Part Time Musicians

Part Time Musicians release official audio + lyric video to “The Haunted House”

All the stress that may be piling up, the exhaustion you might be feeling due to busy schedules and the general pressures that daily life may place upon you, let all that go. Part Time Musicians‘ new single The Haunted House is here to massage the soul and lull the mind into a gentle slumber, something we all need in order to refresh. The male x female harmony flow like a warm breeze, and the indie Rock sound fused with classical instruments like violin is nothing short of bliss. Put on some comfy clothes and eat a nice meal. Take a bath instead of a shower (when’s the last time you’ve had one of those?!). Kick your feet up and pat yourself on the back for all you’ve achieved and endured. Part Time Musicians are slowing down our pace and helping us to breathe a little. The Haunted house is beautifully done, making it another wonderful release from a band that everyone needs to listen to.

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