It’s new Ayumi Hamasaki so yay, but the song’s pretty stale

This is a standard and flat EDM track. It’s super stale and boring, and pretty repetitive too. As far as generic Dance songs go it’s good if you like those, but it doesn’t get my heart pumping, my foot didn’t even tap and I most certainly didn’t get my life. I was relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way after scrolling through some forums. Now we all know Komuro and m-flo are more than capable of producing bangers, so Feel the Love leads me to believe that they purposely created something plain for Ayu. EDM isn’t her genre, so it’s expected that everything would be kept very safe for this experiment. But daaaaamn is it boring! Not only that but the video is labeled as the short version so I assumed it would be an MV, but really it’s just the short version of the audio aka a lyric video. Which is fine, It was just a slight bummer. The complete single’s title is Feel the Love/Merry-go-round and it’ll be out December 25th. I’m curious to know what you all think about this release. Do you like it? Is it doing anything for you? Do you like Ayu’s new musical direction this Winter season, or would you rather have another Winter ballad like some other fans?




(Source: ayu jpopcentral.yuku)