Vice covers Japan’s love industry and the reasons behind their rapid population decline

Being a reader of FarEastVibes means you most likely know a lil sumthin about Japan and their Pop culture, including their questionable half naked anime pillows and lap cushions (peep the image below). In Vice‘s recent report on Japan’s love industry Ryan Duffy goes in depth, giving us damn good coverage of just how intense the country’s love simulators are and even going as far as contacting the Yakuza for exclusive information. I knew about the host clubs, but I had no idea about cuddling cafes and anime walks in the park. Talk about covering all the bases, Japan! lol

Nuff said lmao

With all that’s available to replicate romance and love without the burden of attachment and sacrifice, it’s no surprise Japan’s population is decreasing. The Japanese Love Industry is a very informative and highly compelling piece that I recommend everyone to watch. You’ll leave with some stories to tell your friends for sure!


(Source: VICE)