with awkward dancing lady

Dangerous is hot. When I heard dem cowbells I knew it was going to be a banger, because almost every song that has them is. GRAY‘s voice is smooth and sexy, and the MV comes off super classy (even with the awkward female, which we’ll get to in a bit). Jay Park does his thing of course- overall Dangerous is awesome. Now, it was her dancing/movements that made the girl so awkward. Beautiful as all get out, but awkward. Luckily this wasn’t a major problem for me as I was more focused on Gray, it is his song after all, It’s just with so many shots of her it became hard to miss. U supposed to point your feet gurl, that’s modeling 101! But you look good, you killin em!!

I’m really excited for AOMG. Jay Park now has his own label, that’s crazy, and they’re starting things out with a bang. Got a dope ass emcee (Gray) dropping a release today and a tour coming up in just a few weeks, all of this within the first, what, month of AOMG coming out as a legitimate label? Really cool!