U-KISS… is Hip Hop?

As a long time fan of U-KISS I was surprised how off my feelings were while watching their comeback. With so many member changes maybe they just feel like a different group to me. Maybe they’ve lost a bit of their charm in my eyes? It’s just Alexander, Kibum AND Dongho are gone now. It feels… weird.

Now I’ve never pictured U-KISS to be Hip Hop, not in the slightest,  but they’re trying to keep up with the influx of Hip Hop boy groups out nowadays and I’m not mad at them. They did good, it’s just so unfamiliar that it’s taking me a little bit to get used to. I think AJ did the best in terms of acting the Hip Hop part and rapping- his flow was really solid in this! Also Kevin’s parts were so perfect. Everything just kinda slowed down and got way lighter when his turns came up. I like She’s Mine, but because U-KISS are introducing so many new things (the absence of Dongho included) it’s gonna take a little bit for me to adjust. I guess you could say I’m kinda shocked, but after a few more listens let’s see if I can get into the groove a bit better.




(Source: ukiss2008)