The highly anticipated “WHO YOU?” MV

It’s the cadence of G-Dragon‘s voice that reminds me so much of Zion.T, not so much his vocals. The track has a Soul-ish kind of vibe and since Zion.T worked with GD for the album It’s definitely possible that GD got some influence by his style. I say dope! Now WHO YOU? has a very interesting MV concept, albeit simple. Basically fans produced this video, sending in clips of their own video footage from the MV recording. It’s not sloppily put together or anything though- WHO YOU?’s video looks legit! So many things were accomplished by producing a project like this: 1) The video didn’t cost nearly as much as some past ones, so the company gets to save good coin. 2) YG and GD still managed to produce something highly creative and fun and totally G-Dragon style even with the lesser budget. 3) It’s a great way to strengthen the bond between musician and fan! Check it out below and let us know what you think of the concept!  I would have LOVED to participate in this (who wouldn’t?!)!




(Source: BIGBANG)