From her upcoming 2nd album “GRAVITY”

I first heard of daoko through her collabo with m-flo where I fell in love with her chara-esque whisper vocals but BOY is a bit different as she’s speed singing/rapping, which I found to be just meh. I much prefer when she sings, and luckily there’s a teeny bit of that in this single. For the record this is only the second song of daoko’s I’ve heard so my opinions on her aren’t set in stone just yet- I def wanna get more into her though so after posting this I’m off to go listen to more of her stuff. Expect her 2nd album GRAVITY to be released on December 11th.

P.S. I’ll add the album teasers too. Sounds like it’s gonna be interesting-I’m excited!

BOY Music Video

Teaser 1. Song is “BOY”


Teaser 2. Song is “TOWER”





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