Come on now, JYP!

I mean I just don’t like the idea of a rushed group for the sake of competition. All of a sudden SM and JYP are hopping on this trainee/rookie trend because of YG‘s WINNER and it’s just like… really? Like don’t RUSH the trainees- I feel like it’s lowkey unfair to both them and the fans. It just comes off like JYP is, instead of releasing a group that’s legitimately ready to debut and is of top quality, throwing these boys at us and saying “Here everyone, like this new group just like WINNER!”, clapping and yelling  to get our attention while at it. Plus the group’s teaser sounds super Hip Hop influenced and we all know that is NOT JYP’s forte- STAHP. It’s super catchy though~~

All of this combined with the recent comments by Taecyeon and I’m just like -_-. I would love to see major JYP artists comeback with proper marketing and take the charts by storm instead of rushed rookie groups. Not because I’m a JYP fanboy but because a VETERAN (or at least SUPER popular) Kpop group *cough* 2PM *cough* should be doing that with no problem. Like I shouldn’t even have to be saying all of this. Aaaaaanyway, I wish GOT7 the best of luck and I’m genuinely excited see what these guys have in store!


(Source: jypentertainment)