From their new album coming out tomorrow!

sfpr‘s more light head right is a Rock/Electro hybrid that’s electrifying! The music video makes me a bit jealous, because in it a girl is seen jamming away and suddenly realizes that sfpr, the very band she’s listening to, is right next store. Of course she hops right over and gets to party with them in person and omggg what if that could really happen?! I love this song for it’s fun and carefree energy, and the video just helps amplify those emotions. sfpr’s new album evolution comes out January 29th!

New Album『evolution』2014.01.29 Available!!
MXMM-10030 ¥2,400(tax out)

□. watershed
□□. Con-trust “m” (evolver.)
□□□. folest of rist
■. The blue that astronauts said
■□. Chase the Night.
■□□. Con-trust “Z” (Madness!! Scan!! Bang it out!!)
■□□□. 21th Century (Digital Boy)
■■. dimension
■■□. more light head right
■■□□. wlong rong story
■■□□□. Con-trust “n” (evolver.)
■■■. darkness
■■■□. break me down!!
■■■□□. Fall
■■■□□□. everlong




(Source: 12maximum10)