Dorian 2

From his new album ‘midori’ dropping February 6th

Silent Hill is just what we all need: some revitalization. Gimme a glass of lemonade and put some of those cucumber slices on my eyes, cause I’m recharging in paradise. The vibe is serene and vibrant- nothing but natural love. Silent Hill is from Dorian‘s new album midori, and will be available on Amazon and iTunes Japan. I hope you folks enjoy, cause I know I sure did~

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2013.11.06 On Sale

PECF-1079 felicity cap-182
定価¥2,300 (税抜価格¥2,190)

01. Lost Seasons
02. Escape From The City
03. Onsen Holiday
04. River
05. Pieces Of Time
06. Night In Horai
07. Bird Eye Freedom
08. Legendary Pond
09. Silent Hill
10. Beyond The Horizon


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