Plastic Tree

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Plastic Tree continues to experiment with new sounds, this time taking on a very delicate and melodic approach in 影絵. I’ve come to expect rigid vocals and playing from these guys, but 影絵 is so light and extremely refreshing albeit a bit of a surprise. The song opens up with Ryutaro singing with piano playing in the background and I was a bit skeptical at how it was sounding at first, but once the song kicked in everything came together to create a really nice experience. A new album is most likely a ways away, but if 影絵 is any indication of what to expect I’m thinking we’ll be getting something way different than Ink. Plastic Tree’s music is always poetic, but this single has more of a… positive vibe than their previous songs that, I feel, are filled with more pain and uneasiness. I love how these guys are constantly growing through experimenting with their music, and I’m excited for what else they have in store for us!


(Source: Victor Entertainment, Inc.)