Produced by Tower Da Funkmasta & feat. Pezen

It’s been a minute since we got some new LEO37 material, but that doesn’t mean dude has been inactive. Between tours across Asia and Canada, collaborating with some of Taiwan’s most notable artists and generally making major moves in the scene, LEO37 is still here and will be for a long, long time. Below is his latest single 3 WORDS, a thought provoking piece that’ll put your analytical skills to the test. Don’t know if any of you guys are in the practice of analyzing poetry but one of the primary rules is to look beneath the surface. Can’t just take it for face value- in most cases the true meaning of the poet’s message is sealed away deep within. Nowadays not all music is poetry, far from it, but LEO37 continues to put out records that give hope in this musically stale world. His music deserves more attention than people may be used to giving, so I encourage everyone to listen with an open heart.

(October 3, 2012 – Taipei, TW)PPF House (Toronto) in association with The Blast (Taiwan) present LEO37’s newest single 3 Words. Featuring production from acclaimed Taiwanese soul/jazz hip-hop producer Tower Da Funkmasta (Juzzy Orange) and vocals from Taiwan’s answer to D’Angelo, Pezen, 3 Words finds the journeyman rapper waxing philosophic over the downside of hearing those 3 little words. With support from Tower’s bouncy, jazz drenched production and Pezen’s haunting vocals; Leo’s playful cadence blends beautifully to create a song with just the right balance of mood and content.

His first release since 2013’s You & The Nite (which was recently 1 of 60 selected shorts to screen at CAAMFest 2014) 3 Words serves as a reunion between LEO37 and fashion photographer Joe Russo (who was also responsible for 2012’s Gorgeous). Like Gorgeous, which had our lens chasing Leo through the night markets of Taipei, 3 Words has Joe once again chasing after Leo, but this time through the ice engulfed streets of Toronto. With additional highlights from acclaimed animator Howie Shia (Tokyo International Anime Fair Grand Prize winner and Best Short Film at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival), the end result is a stunning visual ode to one of the worlds most diverse and exciting cities.

Both PPF House and The Blast are groups of like-minded artists who, through varying mediums and genres strive to create forward thinking, yet accessible product. For Saskatchewan born, Toronto bred LEO37, this is his 1st single in a series of new collaborations with some of Taiwan’s biggest and brightest artists. Having just wrapped up his second full year as a Taiwanese resident, LEO37 has continued to tour across Asia and Canada as well as most recently spearheading Taiwan’s newest cultural hub #DYWM (Do You Want More?!), whose consistent quality and success resulted in a Fall/Winter apparel collaboration with Taiwan’s leader in street couture, Remix. With plenty more music ready for release, look for a busy and productive 2014 from LEO37.

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That’s the type of shit that’ll make you lose your mind
16 when he heard it for the first time
They salivatin’
His worth high
His plans are changing
The birth
Rearrange misdirection
Seek those 3 words got him speakin in verse
This pressure high
So now he fiendin green herbs
This dummy just mummied his Achilles heel in steel nerves
Forward ever
Never no reverse
Mom and Pops taught him well like ‘Please sir’
But no one told him that evenings would get so lonesome
A fiend for the screams
Replaying every moment
And when the screams cease
His heartbeat slows closer to deceased
And finds means of coping with this beast
That sniff got him faded like an old T-shirt
Off’em fuckin 3 words
Like damn…..

Those 3 words

And he’s sincere
Every time that he says it
He just says it too much to too many females at one time
A huge fan of the late Christopher Rios
He ain’t a player, just deeply addicted to that one line
He loves’em all
In hopes that they’ll love back
No, it’s not at all what’s up in his nutsack
It’s the psyche
“Do they really like me?”
So he tries convertin each one into wifey
And when they finally bite the bate he departs
Leaving pieces of heart all up in his wake
Pump brakes
Get numb just to get’im through the day
And it’s our own fuckin fault so they say
In the land of hashtags and likes
Gangland and hype
Slang, sex and money
Just tryin to sleep through the night
Fools thinkin they Charming cause they hold that snow white
While most just try to hold tight

Speak none you won’t hear none





(Source: leothreeseven)