Like the gambling/casino concept~

It’s not often that I use the adjective “dope” to describe Kpop, but TVXQ‘s Spellbound is… dope! There’s so much good sh*z going on here that I kinda don’t even know where to begin. The grown n sexy, casino concept paired with the soulful and bluesy instrumental is such a great fit. I mean we’ve seen these two things come together countless times before in film and stuff ,but the way it was delivered here was what made it so great! The choreography fit the concept and instrumental fantastically, which I feel is the hardest thing to do. Creating dance routines that accurately deliver the message of the song through the body? That takes talent. Like you’re giving music physical representation, you know what I mean? The dancing was definitely my favorite part- SM have some talented ass choreographers on their team. I’ve ranted and raved about SM choreography before though, so I’ll spare this post from it.

I believe I can confidently call TVXQ Kpop’s gentleman, because they’re constantly releasing music with concepts that are fitting for men their age. TVXQ are still idols that make Pop music but they’re adult idols and SM recognizes that, allowing them and their music to age gracefully. They’re far from old, but not teens anymore, so their music has to represent that progression. Class, maturity and sophistication.

Also, SM KNOW they love those robotic voice effects and harmonies! They sound cool as hell but they’re ALWAYS a part of TVXQ songs lol. I don’t want that to change though! I love how they sound, just pointing out their frequency.

Overall Spellbound is the sh*z. It’s a great record from the concept and choreo to the music and TVXQ’s vocal performance, making it a solid Kpop track. I f*cks with it!


(Source: SMTOWN)