Girls’ Generation release the MV to title track “Mr.Mr.” from new album

Mr.Mr. is one of my favorite SNSD comebacks out of their last couple of ones. I like the styling and how they went about being sexy. It’s not “showin’ off my midriff and wearing boyish clothes” sexy, but “I’m grown and know what I want” sexy. Super confident. Sunny’s curly ponytail was doing so much for me- can she PLEASE grow her hair out and actually rock that style for a little bit? It looked so good on her. Tiffany didn’t have many English lines but the way she said “mister” made my heart skip a beat, plus in Mr.Mr. she comes off way more sensual than usual. I was looking at her in a new light, to be honest. And Sooyoung, that girl knows she has a face made for makeup. She’s pretty barefaced, but with a bit of makeup she turns into this glamorous queen.

These are just some of the names I picked out but at the end of the day all the girls really impressed me in this video which makes me happy, because I haven’t really downloaded or seriously listened to any of Girls’ Generation’s past comebacks since around 2010/2011 (I think it was). They just haven’t been doing it for me. But I’m feeling Mr.Mr. and am looking forward to seeing this performed on music programs!

p.s. You know you’re f*cking with a top idol group when they no longer have to die their hair crazy colors to get attention!


(Source: SMTOWN)