Toheart release 1st mini album + title track MV “Delicious” 

Toheart‘s Delicious is the most fun I’ve had with Kpop in such a long time. Some people are saying it’s because Woolim directed the video, I’m thinking maybe it’s their real life friendship shining through- all I know is something about this collaboration is genuine and fun. There’s just this energy that both Key and Woohyun share that’s so rare in Kpop. You can really see the difference between a sub-unit picked out by the agency where the members are just doing it because they have to, and then one that’s filled with honest friendship and joy. I guess what I’m basically saying is Toheart seem like they sincerely ENJOY this collaboration. Like it’s not just another thing they’re forced to do by their agency, as we know happens all the time in Kpop.

The concept is so cute and refreshing, and the song is decent too. I say decent because there’s some parts I like and others I don’t (that So Nutritious, So Delicious part is so corny and ruins the song a teeny bit for me). Overall the song’s okay though, and I downloaded it for it’s happy vibe. Perfect for Spring!

I hope this isn’t the first and last Toheart collaboration. SM doesn’t do many subunits, and when they do it’s ages in between comebacks (I’m thinking S.M. The Ballad). I want more Toheart and I want it on a steady basis because this is the best I’ve heard Key sound and perform, and Woohyun is beginning to have a new fan in me. As someone who’s always kept his eye on Key I’m happy he’s getting his own platform to showcase his talent and personality. More please!


(Source: SMTOWN)