JJCC (Double JC) are here and show promise!

I’m sure a lot of people have heard about Jackie Chan creating a Kpop group, and maybe some of those people were a bit skeptical. It’s pretty safe to say he’s trying to jump on the hype train and cash out while Kpop’s still hot, but that doesn’t mean these boys are rushed and sloppy. Actually, I’m REALLY looking forward to them. All of the boys are stunning, seriously they look amazing, and the song sounds like it’s going to be deep and melodic with an intense concept. I believe JJCC, based off of this teaser, will be a boy group that can hold their own against the rest and I’m very much looking forward to what they bring. I hope they do full promotion too- interviews, music program appearances, I want the whole nine yards. The group’s made up of 4 Korean members and 1 of Chinese-Australian decent, their names being SimBa (leader), E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. The first 4 are the Korean members while Prince Mak is the Chinese-Australian, but he’s not in the teaser due to becoming ill around its shooting time. I’m sure he’ll be in the full MV though.

Safe to say I’m pumped for JJCC and am already looking at them as a new boy group I’d like to seriously start following. Please don’t let me down!

MV teaser

Inkigayo spot!




(Source: Double JC)