A World Away

Wong Fu Productions releases trailer to new short film “A World Away”

Love is something that goes far behind just our planet it seems, as A World Away tells the tale of a couple separated by space and time. It’s a fascinating concept and looks well done- standard for Wong Fu. The storyline kind of reminds me of a mashup between FINAL FANTASY XIII and Cowboy Bebop, with life being on other planets and “Earth” being uninhabitable and all. If you want more info on A World Away click Here! Enjoy the trailer below and expect the short on April 30th!

At a time when humanity can no longer be sustained on Earth.
Another world, a sanctuary, is created to accommodate our needs.
All the major cities– perfectly recreated on an artificial planet called Icarus.

While some believe Icarus is the future,
Others still keep hope in our first true home, Earth.




(Source: Wong Fu Productions)