Jeni Suk

It’s heeeeeeeaaaaaat!!

A lot of people already knew Jeni Suk had vocals, but for those who’ve been asleep all this time I recommend using her new single as a wake up call! Don’t Let Me Down is smooth RnB goodness with classic Jeni flavor. It drops June 17th with iTunes preorders now open, and i’d definitely recommend copping it. Plus, if you do preorder, Jeni will send you a free MP3 to her cover of Drunk In Love. Personally though I’m not even here for Beyonce- Don’t Let Me Down is giving me everything I need. I am SATISFIED! Can’t wait for the video!



For those of you who preorder it now, I’ll send you a private D/L link for the latest remix I released of “Drunk In Luv.” (that IS also if you want the remix)

All you need to do is pre-order, post a screenshot of it on your Instagram, provide your email & don’t forget to tag me @JENISUK in your caption as well as the photo tag itself so I can email you my “Drunk In Luv” remix.



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