Zhang Li Yin

featurnig EXO’s Tao and f(x)’s Victoria

The full MV to Zhang Li Yin‘s Agape was released today, and I was blown away by her vocals. I haven’t heard such impressive ability from a mainstream Chinese singer before as most of the popular Mandopop artists aren’t that great vocally.

Anyway the video is a bit confusing because the women that’s Tao’s mother AND the girl he meets in the future are both played by Victoria. This makes differentiating a bit hard. I don’t wanna ruin anything but lemme just try to tell you what I think is going on briefly so when you watch you won’t be too confused. Although both roles are played by Victoria they’re two different characters, aka the mother isn’t the same women Tao meets later on.

This video was surprisingly good and extremely captivating, and much like everyone else I’d love to see Tao and Victoria together again. I’m down for this storyline becoming a full length drama!




(Source: SMTOWN)