It’s different, but I think YG made the right move

First off I NEED an English translation of both Empty and Color Ring– I must know the lyrics in detail.

WINNER‘s debut is extremely impressive but didn’t meet some expectations. A lot of listeners, including myself, thought they’d come out with something more upbeat, but both of WINNER’s title tracks are very mellow and a bit solemn. That sound however really fits the groups overall color and mood- YG put these guys on the right track with this kind of vibe. From the jump their promotions have been very refined, mature and grounded. Nothing over the top, trendy or vibrant. YG wanted to set these guys on a different path than the average idol group, and honestly with this kind of concept I see WINNER going very far. This is a group that was produced with clear short and long term goals in mind- WINNER’s not playing around and are aimed at success. In a couple of years these guys are gonna be even stronger, with impressive group and solo activities. They’ll be one of Korea’s biggest idol groups for that new generation.

I’m very happy WINNER didn’t debut with the typical, upbeat Electronic song. It’d totally have ruined what they’ve worked so hard to create and I don’t think I’d see as much longevity in them. Because of their smart management/marketing team, WINNER are going to be here for a while.

WINNEREMPTY (My favorite of the two)



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