Strong and true~

Skull‘s Because I Was Selfish is a reflective tale of his past, the visuals taking us with him as he travels to Jamaica, Cuba, Hong Kong and the U.S. to explore and gather inspiration. Really the song’s in dedication to those that’ve helped him get to where he is today- he’s using music as an honest expression of his feelings, which is something we need more of in general. Because I Was Selfish is from his latest regular album King O’ Irie available now on iTunes. Definitely feeling Skull’s energy with this one and sending good vibes his way!

SKULL is Korea’s original reggae musician, first to introduce the genre when it was not publicly common. In 2007, he ranked 3rd on the Billboard — proving himself as a true reggae musician both in and outside the country.

After serving his military duty, SKULL is back with a regular album — first of its kind since 10 years ago. He’s released solo digital albums, EP albums, and collaboration albums with HAHA in the past, but this regular album has the strongest truest of his musical colors.
The most production cost has gone into SKULL’s new album [KING O’ IRIE]. The music videos were filmed all around Cuba, Jamaica, Hong Kong and the States. All 5 MVs boast unique and different visuals compared to other MVs.


(Source: 1theK)