Killin it! New album is gonna be tiiiiight~

YURIKA‘s new album Adiantum is dropping on the 17th, and Dig It the Vintage is so sporadic that I don’t know WHAT to say! It’s a good f*cking time though- it’s like musical drugs. There’s also a remix album of Adiantum coming out featuring some notable names, so check below for details on all of that alongside the video!

Directed by 79
撮影協力 : danjil

2014/9/17 Release!!

info : http://tmblr.co/ZS2u4u1PkNFpD
iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/adi…

[収録曲] -通常版-
01. Adiantum Intro
02. Outta Control
03. Get Busy
04. Dig It the Vintage feat. ZEN-LA-ROCK
05. ハチャメチャガール
06, Zombies Coming (skit)
07. Zombies feat. KLOOZ,TAKUMA THE GREAT
08. Greedy Freaky
09. Sunshine feat. サイプレス上野,KEN THE 390
10. Memory Lane
11. Mm
12. Take Action (Album ver)

-iTunes限定盤- [Bouns Track]
13. Take Action (HIRORON Remix)

“Adiantum Remixes”
(TOWER RECODS、ディスクユニオン、DBMS限定特典)

01. I Like it Remix feat.KEN THE 390
02. Outta Control Remix feat.HI-SO,Bull,SHINO
03. Get Busy Remix feat. Smokin’ in the boys room
04. Zombis Remix feat.KLOOZ,TAKUMA,THE GREAT,KOPERU,Ace cool
05. Greedy Freaky Remix feat. Grace




(Source: DREAM BOY)