Got damn those album delays! Blink was supposed to be out at the end of August but here it is mid September and we’re just now getting it! Oh well, at least it’s here! Still I’m By Your Side is another hip, lovely, and melodic single from Clazziquai Project, launching on the same day as their 6th album Blink. The MV’s story is sweet, showing the strong bonds of love. I’ve been a fan of every song released from this album so far, so I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna buck up and buy the album in full instead of just those few singles.

Seriously though between color-code, TTS and now Clazziquai Project my pockets keep getting hit. ANYTHING FOR THE MUZIK, IT’S LIKE MY DRUG! There’s always money to be found when it comes to good tunes, man~

p.s. IF ANYONE CAN TRANSLATE THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT SAYS! I tried Google Translate and I’m not sure if its saying they collaborated with Yasutaka from capsule and RAM RIDER for this album, or if just one of the Clazzi members did throughout their 10 year life span. Omggg either way it’s AWESOME!!!!

“한국 일렉트로닉 팝의 자존심, 클래지콰이 프로젝트의 여섯 번째 정규 앨범 ‘Blink’가 18일 발매되었다. Fantastic Plastic Machine, Nakata Yasutaka(Capsule), Mondo Grosso, RAM RIDER 등 해외 유수 아티스트들과의 활발한 협업과 함께 2012년 솔로앨범 [Infant]를 발표하며 일렉트로닉 트렌드세터로서의 역할을 해온 프로듀서 클래지, 폭넓은 활동과 독자적 음악 세계를 보여준 호란,음악 외의 분야에서도 활약 중인 알렉스 세 멤버가 보여준 다양한 모습들만큼 이번 앨범은 10년 간의 왕성한 활동을 거쳐 성숙해진 클래지콰이 프로젝트 활동의 결과물로 채워졌다.”


(Source: Fluxus Music)