This is their 3rd single and I’m just now finding out about this group?!?!?! 

DGNA take on a Nature concept for their 3rd single with the title track Rilla Go! encouraging everyone to return to nature and enjoy a night of unrestricted fun! The styling is CRAZYYYY- it’s this mashup of exotic animals and Tarzan, and I love how everything in the MV takes place in the middle of a city (90% sure they’re in Japan). The song is super active which ties into the overall theme of letting loose and having a wild time. Rilla Go!’s B-side, Shine, is good too- it reminds me of Summer with its bright feeling. Definitely going to be more attentive when it comes to DGNA because I’m lowkey disappointed I’m just now hearing about them. Support by purchasing their 3rd single Rilla Go! on iTunes!

EDIT: Just read up on them and the reason why I haven’t heard of them is most likely because they’ve spent most of their time promoting in Japan (I don’t follow a lot of Kpop groups’ Japanese activities). Just some extra info for anyone else wondering about them~




(Source: 1theK)