Seo In Young

I’m all for this!!!!!

Seo In Young has had some great features, this latest one being with one of my faves. Her and Zion. T‘s voices blend wonderfully, and they look good together too. A chic, talented, sophisticated collaboration- what’s not to love? I’m happy Seo In Young is still putting out music even with the nonstop idol groups that keep coming out. She’s still got it and she’s incredibly gorgeous! Plus, I think it’s nice to see ex-idols go and do more mature solo work. I feel like when you’re solo or not necessarily “Kpop” is when you really can become defined as an “artist”, you know?

FYI Zion. T now has blonde hair/eyebrows like in Gaeko’s MV, but this was shot before he changed his look.

Seo In Young come backs with the new single, ‘Thinking Of You’.
‘Thinking Of You’, collaborated with Zion.T is going to color this autumn with its warmth. Seo In Young and Zion. T shares lots in common like good singing skill, unique vocal tone, bold fashion style and etc. This song will show you how they match.


(Source: 1theK)