Chaelin’s performance was out of this f*cking world how can you NOT agree???

No but Chaelin snatched wigs, both Korean and International ones, with her performance with Diplo at SIA 2014. Performing songs in both English and Korean, including remixes of her solos, CL proved that she is ready for her U.S. debut, and Diplo ain’t a bad character to have on your side supporting you either! My girl is on her grind and is only like what, 23?? Keep doing you!!!!

CL proved that she has the vocals and rapping skill to come to the States, and the production was so on point and appropriate for CL’s style. Now whether Chaelin will actually be successful here is another thing (God I hope so- she’s the first Asian artist trying that I think stands a chance), but that has more to do with the American audience’s willingness to accept a cool Asian face into the mainstream than it does her talent I think, cause honestly  this performance alone proves that CL was born for this. Performing, being an entertainer, this is her calling. You can see it in her eyes and how naturally she carries herself on stage- just her energy. This is all her and I’m gonna support her 5ever wherever she f*cking goes.

CL, I WILL be buying your American album just to help those sales. We gotta fight for this and I know you’re ready!


(Source: 2NE1)