It’s a shame cause girls groups have been pretty lackluster for me until now

Like I said until some official sh*t comes out (although even that can be questioned) I still think Jisoo is guilty, at least somewhat. I think all of this is too complicated for it to just be a malicious rumor started up by some hater- there’s at least a shred of truth here. I know there’s people saying that the pictures and victims are false but has that been proven? Like legitimately? And even if it IS proven under the guise of legitimacy we all know companies have a way of manipulating situations and putting pressure on real victims so they end up shutting up out of fear. At the end of the day I guess we just have to believe whatever hunch it is we’re feeling, and i’m not feeling too good about this. I really, really wanna support Lovelyz because the title track is so sweet and the rest of the album sounds great too, but I can’t back a group knowing that a portion of my money would be going to someone who committed such crimes. It’s a shame because the other members didn’t do anything…

If all of this is a lie I know Jisoo is absolutely devastated- I will be the first one sending her positive energy to recover quickly and have a great career! It’s been so long since I’ve been inspired by a girl group and it’s really unfortunate everything had to go down the way it did.


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