It sounds very similar whoaaaaaa~

I don’t listen to Trey Songz so I didn’t realize beforehand, but people were saying Loco‘s new new sounds a lot like his song Touchin, Lovin and after listening to it I must agree that the sh*t is HELLA similar. Buuuuut ima let that do it’s own thing on the side and not touch~~~~ kermit

Thinking About You sounds nice as hell and Loco looks good as f*ck. Also Jay Park is featuring so you know it’s gonna be bomb, but that’s not to say Loco can’t hold his own- dude is nice too! AOMG is seriously where it’s at- that whole team is dope.

And idk who that female lead is but she looks a lot like HyunA. I just need Loco’s EP already I’m so hyped!