The timing is perfect! 

I just looked back in the archives to see when we last wrote about Ed-Two and I kid you not this post marks exactly THREE YEARS since we’ve talked about his music. Like December 9th, exactly! See that’s that destiny sh*t- Ed-Two and FEV go way back and the love is still strong.

Life Imitates Art is his latest project and it’s nothing but quality from start to finish. Ed-Two’s been doing music for a while and, although I realize there’s always room for improvement, i’m not surprised at how solid and refined his vision and its execution seem to be. They’re the signs of experience, and Ed-Two has a good amount of it both in front of and behind the mic. My favorite track is the title, Life Imitates Art, hands down. The vibe is one of strength and triumph, making me feel like I can take on anything as it plays in the background.

I definitely recommend giving Ed-Two’s new EP a listen. He took his time with it and its genuine energies can be felt. Stream it below via Soundcloud and download it if you like what you hear!




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