Lucky Chloe

She’s basically Hatsune Miku

Tbh I like her, she seems fun, but tons of Western Tekken fans are not on the same page. Complaints range from sexual objectification in terms of her outfit to the character being an insult to the franchise’s realism, but I’m just like whatever. She’s a fun, idol-esque character that’s supposedly a weaboo or something. Seriously I heard that she’s not Japanese (which is physically obvious) and is just some girl REALLY into Japanese culture, but I got that from a netizen so take it with a grain of salt. My main thing with her is how similar she is to Hatsune Miku. The robotic voice, the pigtails, the technology embedded outfit, everything is super Miku inspired. Check out Lucky Chloe‘s trailer below and let me know what you think~ Btw the background music is really good- Tekken always slays with its soundtracks.


(Source: IGN)