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New Day is a song about the view from a window, so to help express that Napat Snidvongs collected views from numerous people and used them to create the visual for his music video. The sense of community throughout was touching, and it was encouraging to hear the many voices of his supporters singing along in unison. Check out the MV below as well as the English trans.

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English Translation

Bright light of a new day
is what I see when I look out my window.
Don’t waste your time.
Get out of bed and meet the stories outside of that window.

*Everybody has to go somewhere.
Everyone has a destination.
One step at a time. Doesn’t matter how far you go.
(If someone fall down then help each other up)

Because of the heat and heavy weather
What you see might not be as beautiful as from inside the window
Don’t waste your time. No matter how hard you cry,
there is no way of escaping this reality.

** on a lonely road, all by myself. I wish I have you by my side.