Koda Kumi

Not but really tf is this?

Walk Of My Life is noooooooot the right song for Koda Kumi‘s voice. She needs to stick with Dance or Pop/Rock music- her voice is just way too vulgar for a gentle Ballad. Also, what the hell was up with the editing- It looked like she was cut and pasted into a New York crowd. That, or they used a really crappy green screen. Koda Kumi is much better than this so I’m left a bit confused. Seriously all of the legends have been slipping up lately except for Namie Amuro and of course Utada, but she doesn’t really count cause she’s still on hiatus. Koda needs to give me more shit like MONEY IN MY BAG. That’s one of her recent songs that actually goes in AND suits her voice!




(Source: avexnetwork)