I have no major complaints about their comeback. I’m really enjoying it

Separation can be good sometimes, and it’s definitely worked in BIGBANG’s favor. I was beginning to get tired of GD and the overall BIGBANG aesthetic, but because it’s been a while since they’ve been on the scene the comeback was refreshing. It’s still typical BIGBANG style but you can appreciate it since they’ve been gone so long, not to mention the songs are good. LOSER is definitely my favorite of the two tracks released so far, it being more mature and sentimental than BAE BAE while still incorporating unique BIGBANG flavor. BAE BAE is essentially a Trap Kpop song and it’s alright. Not bad by any means but doesn’t hold up to LOSER for me cause it lacks the depth. But yeah, I’m very pleased with the performance of every member and I’m feeling good about the music. That break did them good, at least I think so!

Which of the two songs is your favorite? I’m hyped for more of this Made Series M, let’s hope the rest of the singles are just as exciting.


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